San Bernardino County Fire Protection District - Service Zone PM-3 (Yucaipa)

Report Created: 2/5/2020

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When the County Fire Protection Board of Directors approved the FP-5 Service Zone expansion on October 16, 2018, all PM and FP assessments being assessed were eliminated and replaced with the FP-5 assessment. The first billing was in November 2019. The San Bernardino County Fire Protection District reorganized in July 2008 and created the Valley Regional Service Zone. The Valley Regional Service Zone is a component unit of the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, in which the County Board of Supervisors is the board of directors of the district. Within the Valley Regional Service Zone, Service Zone PM-3 Yucaipa special tax was authorized by the Board of Supervisors in December 1986 (originally under CSA 38 M Zone PM-3), and the City of Yucaipa detached from this service zone in July 1999. Service Zone PM-3 provided paramedic services to the unincorporated area of Yucaipa through a contract with the City of Yucaipa. Additional information can be accessed via the link below.

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