San Bernardino LAFCO Commissioners 

Commissioners receive a stipend payment of $200 per posted meeting of the Commission and for attendance at any other Commission approved meetings (i.e. standing or special committee meeting, Coalition of California LAFCOs meeting, etc.). Commissioners also receive reimbursement for expenses such as mileage or transportation costs, lodging, food, and others incurred in attendance at Commission meetings, or approved conferences, seminars, meetings of professional organizations and other authorized meetings. Below is the stipend and expense reimbursement information for all current Commissioners for the last Calendar Year: 

Stipend and Expense Reimbursement for All Current LAFCO Commissioners 

San Bernardino LAFCO Staff 

LAFCO Staff compensation is based on the adopted San Bernardino LAFCO Human Resources Policies and Guidelines and Benefits Plan. Below is the LAFCO Staff’s salary and benefits information based on the current Fiscal Year budget. 

Current Fiscal Year Compensation Information for All LAFCO Staff 

In addition, below is the salary and benefits information for all current LAFCO Staff for the last Calendar Year: 

Previous Calendar Year Compensation Information for All Current LAFCO Staff 

Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700s): 

Link to the Form 700 Statements of Economic Interest for LAFCO Commissioners and management staff are available below. Please note that information has been redacted (removed) from these documents in accordance with Government Code (Section 6254.21), which prohibits the internet posting of certain personal information of any elected or appointed official. 
LAFCO Commissioners Statements of Economic Interests 
LAFCO Management Staff Statements of Economic Interests