Lucerne Valley Community

The overall service review and sphere study area is located in the north desert portion of the County. It is generally bordered by the Apple Valley Fire Protection District boundary and sphere of influence on the west, township/section lines on the north, a combination of the township lines and section lines on the east (which includes areas east and west of Bessemer Mine Road, Green Rock Mine Road, and Camp Rock Road), and section lines on the south which includes the Mitsubishi Cushenbury Cement Plant and area north and south of the San Bernardino National Forest boundary.

County Service Area 29 Service Review and Sphere Update (including discussion on County Service Area 70 Improvement Zone R-25)

Resolution and Map

Resolution No. 2993MapLAFCO Resolution No. 2993 Reflecting Determinations for LAFCO 3021 – Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update for County Service Area 29

Staff Reports

February 20, 2008

Staff ReportService Review and Sphere of Influence Update for the Community of Lucerne Valley (County Service Area 29)