The Local Agency Formation Commission for San Bernardino County has received an application entitled:

LAFCO 3195 - Reorganization to Include the City of Redlands Annexation No.92 and Detachment from San Bernardino County Fire Protection District and its Valley Service Zone, and CSA 70 and its Zone P-7

Information related to this application will be posted to this site for review. The following links are currently available:

Certificate of Completion


 Resolution 3244 for LAFCO 3195

Staff Report

 Consideration of:  (1) Review of Mitigated Negative Declaration Prepared by the City of Redlands for Annexation No. 92, General Plan Amendment No. 134, Zone Change No. 450, and Tentative Tract Map No. 19956 for a total of Approximately 20.04 Acres as CEQA Responsible Agency for LAFCO 3195; and (2) LAFCO 3195 – Reorganization to include City of Redlands Annexation No. 92 and Detachments from San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, its Valley Service Zone, County Service Area 70 and its Zone P-7 (Jacinto Tract)


Initiation Document

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