Application Submission Checklist

  • Campaign Disclosure Form (2 copies)

  • Pre-zoning resolution or ordinance, including a full copy of the City Council agenda item (2 copies)

  • Environmental Review Documents (2 sets required unless otherwise indicated and electronic copy) - minimum submission requirements for environmental review documents are:

    • CEQA Exemption - Statutory or Categorical Exemption form and copy of stamped Notice of Exemption;

    • Negative Declaration - Initial Study, Notice of Availability with Distribution Listing, Negative Declaration, Mitigation Monitoring Plan (if applicable), Notice of Determination and copy of receipt showing payment of State Department of Fish and Game filing fees;

    • Environmental Impact Report - Initial Study, Notice of Preparation, EIR with response to comments, Mitigation Monitoring Plan, Statement of Overriding Considerations, and Notice of Determination. Four copies are required of Final EIR (including Draft EIR). Please note, LAFCO will request 15 additional copies of the Final EIR at a later date, prior to the Commission hearing.

  • Filing Fees as calculated below.

    To view the documents on this page you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded for free by clicking the icon below:


(Use in conjunction with LAFCO Schedule of Fees and Charges)
1. LAFCO Fee (Dependent on Proposal Type/Acreage) $__________
Annexation, detachment, reorganization and sphere of influence fees are assessed for each area within a proposal based upon acreage. A single area means any separate geographical area requiring a legal description. A “single area” does not include two areas that are contiguous only at a point, or two or more areas that are contiguous to an existing boundary of a city or district, but not to each other.

(Example for City: Annexation of 18 acres on the east side of a City and 161 acres on the west side to be annexed in one proposal – calculation – 1 x $5,500 (under 20 acres) plus 1 x $9,000 (over 150 acres) = $14,500 fee)
# of Areas ____ x $________________ =
(Appropriate acreage fee)
# of Areas ____ x $________________ =
(Appropriate acreage fee)
# of Areas ____ x $________________ =
(Appropriate acreage fee)
2. Individual Notice Deposit $ 700
3. Environmental Review Deposit/Fee $ 750
4. Legal Fee Deposit $________
$1,150 -- Jurisdictional Change (applicable to actions identified under Item A, #1 through #7, except as noted below)

$825 – Jurisdictional Change (City island annexations pursuant to Government Code Section 56375.3 and Service Contracts Item B #1, #2, #4)

$ 0 – Jurisdictional Change (Item A #3c)
(If you need help in determining your fees, please contact the LAFCO staff for assistance at (909) 383-9900. All checks to be made payable to LAFCO.)

Please note: Disclosure of contributions in support of or in opposition to any LAFCO proposal is required by State law. The Fair Employment Practices Commission (FPPC) is responsible for enforcement of these disclosure requirements. Questions may be directed to the FPPC at:
Fair Political Practices Commission
428 J Street, Suite 620
Sacramento, CA 95814
1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3722)