Pilot Program Pursuant to Government Code Section 56133.5

Government Code §56133.5 established a pilot program for Napa and San Bernardino LAFCOs to authorize a city or district to extend service(s) outside an agency's boundary and sphere of influence subject to certain determinations (i.e. service extension was identified/evaluated in a service review, service extension will not have an adverse impact on open space/agricultural lands or is not growth inducing, and inclusion of the area to be served into an agency's sphere of influence is not feasible/desirable).

San Bernardino LAFCO received the following requests pursuant to Government Code §56133.5:

Below is a copy of the report prepared by San Bernardino LAFCO to the California State Legislature as required by Government Code §56133.5.

 Report to the Legislature on Pilot Program Related to Government Code §56133.5